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technical data:

Overall length

Overall beam

Tube diameter

Tube chambers

Max number of pearsons


CE Category

Max/sugg. power

5,15 mt.

2,15 mt.

42/20 cm



310/470 kg.



equipaggiamento std:

Consolle/stand up - bilge pump - Stainless steel fuel tank 70 lt. - Stainless steel cleats - Steering wheel - Paddels

The Black Mamba is a technologically advanced RHIB with an innovative and functional design.
As a result of its original hull, this 5 meters category RHIB, is fun and performant and guarantees great reliability
and safety in all conditions of use. Thanks to the different configurations the Black Mamba can largely satisfy the needs of our
customers, but also specialized professional users.
The Black Mamba is also great for families with children thanks to the large space and the safe edges protection.

All models shown are also available in rugged configuration which is more suited for for professional use.
The rugged Black mamba particularly stands out for:
its partial foaming between hull and deck, which increases the unsinkability of the RHIB; the use of sealed compartments with an
autonomous forced water evacuation system; the construction of electrical systems and distribution panels in completely watertight
autonomous compartment.


grifo is available with the following configurations
black mamba combat
black mamba raider
Black Mamba avant
black mamba Toy
Black mamba raider rugged
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