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5,15 meters


For tender or family

Also great for families with children thanks to the large space and the high protection of the perimeter edges.


The Black mamba is a technologically advanced dinghy with an innovative and functional design.
Thanks to the original hull, the dinghy, belonging to the category 5 meters, is fun and performance even with motorization without license, ensuring great reliability and safety in every condition of use.Thanks to the different configurations the Black mamba can largely satisfy variable needs of the diportista, but also satisfy specialized and professional uses.

Unique, in its dimensional range, with the extraordinary ability to support up to 180 hp.

Approved up to 180 hp

An approval for such high power has a simple explanation: the living work has been designed for high performance and the type of construction guarantees a very high robustness

Black mamba

Designed to have large spaces on board but at the same time to ensure low operating consumption and high performance already with low power

ECO thanks to low consumption

Black mamba

Technical data:

Longuer Totale

Rayon Total

Diamètre du tube

Chambres de tube

Nombre max. de personnes

Catégorie CE

Max.puissance sugg.

5.15 mt.

2.30 mt.

42/25 cm





Console - Stand-up (where provided) - cushions complete - windshield lexan anti uv - Lights away - tientibene stainless steel and rubberized fabric - anchor locker - bow locker - access console - access stand-up - aft locker - Blower - bilge pump - 2 power rings on the aft mirror - 1 power ring on the bow - 3 stainless steel bollards


Black mamba


The design of the Black mamba is elegant and suggestive. For those who love to stand out.


The black mamba is available in 3 standard configurations that meet most of the needs of the sailor and the sportsman.The Combat, with more floor space, is also an excellent working medium for diving; the raider is a very good tender, while the Avant represents the open "classic", practical and performance.

black mamba raider_edited.jpg


BM avant_edited.jpg
black mamba combat_edited.jpg

Legal notice: all products described in this website or other representations will not be equipped with equipment not expressly indicated by the site in the contract, except for the standard equipment expressly indicated by the yard itself in its offers to the public. In particular, supplies of supports for FB or EFB engines are excluded; the safety equipment provided for the actual navigation or fire-fighting systems that the boat will have to be equipped with are never included in the standard equipment, including fire-retardant and engine room insulation systems and the supply of EFB engine cooling systems.

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