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Also Unsinkable

Designed for strict use it is indestructible and able to guarantee much higher standards than a normal recreational product. Totally unsinkable thanks to the possibility of integral skimming of the boat, subdivided into autonomous compartments, with maintenance of the indeformable structure.

Military construction

The grifo class represents a series of boats built specifically for the work, but this does not prevent the use of yachting.They are boats built with a more simplified and robust structure while remaining unchanged the basic quality system that guarantees the excellent navigation and safety characteristics of the Avila shipyard and characterized from the sandwich stratification and the structure of the hull by the military robustness.

Unique, in its dimensional range, with the extraordinary ability to support up to 180 hp.

Approved up to 180 hp

An approval for such high power has a simple explanation: the living work has been designed for high performance and the type of construction guarantees a very high robustness

It suits your needs. You can choose to install a single engine or a dual engine


Designed for severe applications and the installation of even high power, the Grifo Class guarantees superior stability and safety

Stable and safe

Fast Hull
Speed is in itself a pleasure. When then the hull is designed to be fast even on sea size becomes a feature that increases safety because it allows you to return to port faster leaving bad weather behind

Grifo 54

technical data:

Overall length

Overall beam

Tube diameter

Tube chambers

Max number of pearsons

CE Category

Max/sugg. power

5.40 mt.

2.30 mt.

48/25 cm





Console - Stand-up (where provided) - cushions complete - windshield lexan anti uv - Lights away - tientibene stainless steel and rubberized fabric - anchor locker - bow locker - access console - access stand-up - aft locker - Blower - bilge pump - 2 power rings on the aft mirror - 1 power ring on the bow - 3 bollards





The grifo Class design is essential and practical. They are dinghies that stand out for being the result of a careful design to every detail.


Dinghies designed in the smallest detail to ensure the best functionality on board with new solutions such as the practical housing of the ring-shaped lifesaver inside the stand up.


The PRO Class is provided in 2 standard configurations that meet most of the needs of the boatman and the sportsman.The Combat, with more space to walk on, is also an excellent working vehicle for diving, while the Avant is the perfect open, practical and performance.

Grifo cursor.jpg


grifo 54 avant.jpg
Grifo combat.jpg


Thanks to the use of aluminum for the deck elements, the rafts Classe grifo are really customizable, not only in colors and small details, but also in the very vocation of the medium, literally transforming its configuration, for example from tourism to work. You can actually ask anything you want and you will have it as you want.

Legal notice: all products described in this website or other representations will not be equipped with equipment not expressly indicated by the site in the contract, except for the standard equipment expressly indicated by the yard itself in its offers to the public. In particular, supplies of supports for FB or EFB engines are excluded; the safety equipment provided for the actual navigation or fire-fighting systems that the boat will have to be equipped with are never included in the standard equipment, including fire-retardant and engine room insulation systems and the supply of EFB engine cooling systems.

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